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30 DAYS Early Booking & 10% Saving

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With a long-term trip planning, the anticipation increases, because early bookers are on the sunny side.
Plan more than 30 days in advance, 3 nights stay and with 10% early booking discount their dream trip experience and still the holiday resort.
Cancellations are not possible. When booking, the complete stay is due immediately and can be paid by credit card or bank transfer (within 5 days).


  • The advance booking period is 30 days
  •  The minimum stay are 3 nights
  • Your discount is 10%


Are you planning a longer stay by us?
For a minimum of 8 nights you get a discount of 10%.
The booking can not be modified or canceled without charge.

  • The advance booking period is 1 day
  • The minimum stay is 8 nights
  • Your discount is 10%